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Next step in the process: 

Public Hearing, 6pm Monday, July 15 - City Hall.

HRM has scheduled a public hearing for the Dexel/Lawen and Rouvalis proposals with both the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) and the Halifax West and Peninsula Community Council ignoring Development Options Halifax’s request to present our 3-D model of the two proposals together within the context of the neighbourhood. If approved they’ll set a precedent for future building developments in Halifax. All other proposed developments exceeding the planning regulations would likely be approved. We need to consider better options.

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Please write to: Heritage Advisory Committee,  Halifax and West Community Council and Regional Council Members  

c/o: clerks@halifax.ca

Subject Line: Case #20218 and Case #20761

CC: mayor@halifax.ca,  austins@halifax.ca, bill.karsten@halifax.ca, clearys@halifax.ca, david.hendsbee@halifax.ca,  blackbl@halifax.ca, lorelei.nicoll@halifax.ca, mancint@halifax.ca, smithli@halifax.ca, matt.whitman@halifax.ca, waye.mason@halifax.ca, streats@halifax.ca, russell.walker@halifax.ca, zurawsr@halifax.ca,
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Here’s a sample letter - improve it with your own wording!

Dear Heritage Advisory Committee, Halifax and West Community Council and Regional Council members,

There are 4 towers proposed for the city block bordered by Robie, Carleton, College and Spring Garden Rd.  At no time in the public consultation process has the city been clear that the plans call for the 16, 23, 26 and 30 storey towers to be built on less than one rather small city block.  

Taken together the 4 towers will be 80% of the square footage of the Nova Centre. Heights are equivalent to the Tupper, Fenwick, Aliant and Park Victoria assembled together. However the public has been shielded from these facts because the two developments (each with two towers) have not been presented together. This is a kind of sleight of hand, as neither the city nor the developers have shown the 4 towers to be built on just one city block together. 

In 2012 and 2016 requests were made by Heritage Trust to designate this area as a heritage conservation district. About half of its buildings are heritage and another 11 qualify. We need to keep the existing height restrictions of  35, 40 and 50 feet; they are in place to protect the municipally, provincially and nationally Heritage designated Carlton Street and its area.

At 2016 Centre Plan public consultations HRM Staff proposed adding 400 residents to this area. These can be accommodated in the approved but yet-to-be-constructed 18-storey Killam high-rise along with a 5-6 storey building and some in-fill additions or back yard suites. 

Demolishing buildings in the last remaining historic neighbourhood on the Halifax Common is not appropriate, necessary, or serving the broader interests of the citizens. It adds to our climate change crisis. It harms the economic, social and cultural advantage that small, older neighbourhoods give Halifax including density, diversity and affordability. The public do not support these proposals. Do not approve these proposals.

Say no to these proposals.

Thank you,



After HAC meets the likely next step is a public hearing before the mayor and council