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Development Options Halifax is a group of citizens in Halifax, NS who want better balance between the interest of citizens with those of developers. We advocate for using technology such as 3-D models to present facts and options to the public and to open an informed and transparent public discussion on development. Citizens have expertise.

We started with two proposed developments for 30, 16, 26 and 20 storeys at Spring Garden Road, Robie, Carlton and College Streets. We created drawings and a 3-D model of the two together for the first time. We believe the consultation process should have required these and for that and other reasons the process has been flawed. Now without even responding to requests to present our 3-D model, HRM has scheduled a public hearing to decide about the 2 proposals. The Public Hearing will be at 6pm, Monday July 15 at City Hall.

Try to attend.

And please support our petition asking the Mayor and Council to not approve the developments. -


Our Mission

The Coburg Apartments at the corner of Spring Garden Road and Robie Street in the 1950s or early 60s.

The Coburg Apartments at the corner of Spring Garden Road and Robie Street in the 1950s or early 60s.

Our mission is to promote better urban design that pays attention to the physical, historic cultural and social identities of the city and that make the best choices for our present and a future that must deal with climate change. One way forward is to make better use of available technology including 3-D modelling to ensure the discourse is informed, citizens are engaged and our government listens.

Promenade Robie South

Promenade Robie South

Spring Garden West

Spring Garden West

Who We Are

People concerned with the limited scope of debate on development in Halifax.

  • Citizens concerned with the fate of what’s left of the historic Halifax Common.

  • Neighbours of the proposed development.

  • Heritage advocates.

  • Architecture students attempting to address the limited dialogue on new development through the technology and expertise at their disposal.

  • Below is a volunteer-created 3-D Model of what the proposals will look like together on one city block.