Something is Missing

Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. Toronto, Canada

Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. Toronto, Canada

Although the two proposals are on the same block, reports and meetings for these are not being considered together and in a cumulative way. There’s no attention to the economic, social, cultural or environmental effects from the demolition of dozens of affordable housing units and commercial units and the on-going loss and harm to the remaining historic wooden structures. Wind, traffic and shadow statements do not consider the entire area. Constraints to sewage and water services and risk of flooding are ignored as are the lack of local amenities (ie grocery store). There are no 3-D models.

The HRM planning context of existing regulations, on-going consultations for the Halifax Common Masterplan and work to date on the Centre Plan are also ignored.  One developer hosted a public presentation with former Vancouver Chief Planner Brent Toderian who seemed to know nothing about the Carlton heritage streetscape, the historic neighbourhood, the Halifax Common or the present height limits and their role protecting the built heritage, streetscapes and public spaces. The developer’s public consultations led by Tim Merry did not take comments concerning the height of the towers. In fact, the public was told to ignore the height and massing of the development.

Why has the city not responded to the requests for a conservation district?

Why has the value of this neighbourhood not been considered?

Why has the public not yet been provided with images or a model of the entire development?

There are serious questions about the two development proposals. Allowed to proceed as presently proposed, they would create a precedent that could make it difficult to question other proposed developments for Halifax which exceed the planning restrictions or regulations.